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(PRE-ORDER) DELUXE BUNDLE | The Omega Trials: Part I

(PRE-ORDER) DELUXE BUNDLE | The Omega Trials: Part I

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Deluxe Bundle includes:


  • Signed paperback
  • Spot gloss cover
  • Chapter headers with full-page colored character art



  • 2 NSFW vellum overlays
  • 1 art print of the pack
  • 4 foiled tarot cards
  • 3 stickers



For fans of The Royals of Forsyth by Angel Lawson and Samantha Rue and The Lords Series by Shantel Tessier comes The Omega Trials, with an omegaverse twist.

In Cape Aurelia, everything begins and ends with the Echelon—a dismantled aristocracy reborn in the shadows—as powerful as they are secret.

After generations of loss and suffering, three alphas from the exiled Cerulean family are fighting for re-entry into the Echelon’s clandestine ranks by competing in the Trials, a set of five deadly tests. 

Before they can begin, each pack is supposed to be gifted a noble omega. 

Instead, the Ceruleans get me. 

Pulled from a brothel, I’m forced into the Trials at threat to my family.

I’m not a noble. I’m not even an omega. My very presence is an insult, and they don’t hesitate to remind me. 

If they're determined to shackle me, I will become their reckoning.


  • Anything for the pack
  • No touching rule
  • I’d kill for her that doesn’t mean I like her
  • Found family
  • Ceremonial boinking
  • Black cat FMC
  • Bonded mates
  • Forced proximity
  • Don’t be mean to me or I’ll fall in love with you
  • Bromance
  • Who did this to you?
  • Female rage


The Omega Trials is a dark/bully, why-choose romance set in a contemporary omegaverse. The characters of this book will be irredeemable in many peoples’ eyes. Their love story will be bloody and hard-fought, but it’s guaranteed they will find their HEA by the end.

Part One is only the beginning…Will you survive the trials?

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